Same-Sex Wedding Certified

two-tux-cake-top-lg   two-gowns-cake-top-lgIf you have looked at my home page recently, you will notice the addition of a new badge which indicates I am now a certified planner for same-sex weddings. To achieve this certification, I took a webinar organized by Bernadette Smith of 14 Stories and Gay Wedding Institute. The three session course covered topics such as:

  • Gay marriage and anti-discrimination laws in the US
  • The differences between traditional and same-sex weddings
  • How to screen wedding vendors
  • Marketing tips

The course was really interesting and I was surprised at how much I didn’t know!  One result of the course is that I have created some elopement packages (or ‘destination wedding packages’ if you prefer) for couples coming to MA, CT, NH, or VT (and RI to be added to that list soon, hopefully) from states where same-sex marriage is not yet legal to make their intimate celebration hassle-free.  Depending on which one is selected, the elopment package might include assistance with the marriage licence, JP/officiant, photographer, flowers, and airport transfers, and more.

I am now looking forward to planning my first same-sex wedding celebration so bring it on!


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  • Georgeo June 30th, 2011 at 10:27 pm #1

    Dear Julie,

    I have been supporting the same sex marriage since the beginning of the battle over legalize or not arguments of the matter. We spoke up loudly, as a result we came to the end and won the battle, a natural result, on behalf of all gays, lesbians and the supporters of same sex marriage which is an indisputable reality, as a family member of a lesbian sister, who is getting married to her same sex partner in June-2012.

    Today, I received the first gay couple proposal on my horse drawn carriage in Central Park. I have been waiting to see the happy tears of gay couples who loved and dedicated each others, but had no chance to end-up kneeling and asking “would you marry me”… I saw it today, finally! I wouldn’ t worry about it even if I pass away today. It was a very important matter for me as a straight brother of a lesbian sister.

    Tonight, I saw the happy tears! I saw the kneeling! I heard the question “will you marry me”! I heard the answer “yes”! I saw the equal opportunity to tie the lives each other, for good!… The most emotional part of the event was, I and my horse became a part of the beginning of their the happiest moment.

    My first gay couple proposed tonight, initiated an idea that, it would be an excellent and the first equal opportunity to offer proposal services to gay couples on the horse drawn carriages, as it was being offered to straight couples for 158 years in Central Park. It is now time to spread this opportunity equally to same sex couples.

    The reason why I am writing this letter to you is that, I would like to invite you and your friends or family or business collages, up to 4 adults that we are allowed to carry, for a dinner, then after to a horse carriage ride through Central Park. I would like to introduce you the corners of the beauty of Central Park where I stop my carriage for proposal rides, let the couples take the most important time of their engagement to a marriage; that repeats at least 4-5 times a week. I would like to ask your ideas how you would like to see my carriage for a proposal ride to gay couples.

    Since we the horse carriages started getting proposal rides for same sex couples too, this will soon become a sector for same sex couples also that I can tell you from now. I have been in the business seven years as a driver, event planner for horse carriages and a horse trainer.

    I have been offering my business to my customers for seven years and I have great foot steps behind me. I have great references that I can reveal on our dinner.

    If you think this may be a great idea to offer a unique and economically affordable option to your clients as the same sex couples, please shoot me an email, so we can meet and share further of what we can do together.

    Although we never considered the same sex marriage as a profitable and economic opportunity, it is now a reality that it successfully became an industry. Why wouldn’t we keep supporting our friends who were with us shoulder to shoulder in this battle since the beginning, as we may be the first initiators of the industry as a part of the wedding planning.




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