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Our services include full event planning from concept to execution as well as a la carte services to suit specific needs. Whether you are planning an elegant dinner, milestone birthday party, a cocktail reception, themed gala, an intimate wedding, or simply having a party ‘just because’, partner with magenta and enjoy the planning and the event! Brilliant ideas and brilliant events. That’s magenta.

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5 Reasons why you should Hire an Event Planner

Event planners help in managing every aspect of an event, be it a conference, seminar, meeting, wedding or a party in a professional manner. People hold events for various reasons. Often these events spread joy and happiness where people can have fun. Events facilitate bonding and improve communication. Corporate events are essential to enhance relationships with employees and customers. Here are some compelling reasons why you should hire an event planner.

Event Planner

1. Save time:

When it comes to organizing an event, time management is crucial. There is a fixed deadline when everything has to be in place before the guests arrive. Once you give the planner all your details, they know who to meet, who to call and where to find everything. An event planner can do things on your behalf. For example, meeting with the venue manager, caterers, videographer, photographer and shop for supplies. You save a lot of time when you delegate such tasks to the planner. In fact, you can continue with normal life and have time for work and family.

2. Save money:

That’s right! Event planners have established connections, excellent bargaining power and general knowledge of the industry. They know where to find quality supplies at an affordable price. Professional planners often get discounted rates from suppliers and vendors which they pass to their clients. If you contact the same suppliers, you will probably pay the standard prices.

3. Have a great event:

An event planner can customize your event to the desired uniqueness. Of course, you want people to talk about it for days. Professionals can help you achieve a great event. A great event starts with a great venue. Yes, planners know the best places to host any event. The event planner can guide you in selecting the right place for your occasion. A planner knows how to strategize and ensure everything runs on schedule. Your planner will organize your venue; do all the decoration and polish every detail. This means your event set up will appeal and match your theme. Due to experience, you plan can foresee any potential issue and manage it, so the event runs seamlessly. A planner will make your eevent unique and memorable.

4. Avoid stress and panic:

Event planning requires a lot of coordination which is often stressful especially if you do everything by yourself. Despite all the planning, preparations and management, every event is prone to unforeseen hiccups. You can encounter stress in the few weeks or days leading to your event and realize that you forgot something on the due day. If the deejay or caterer cancels, you will panic. Event planners have healthy connections in the industry and will always have plan B just in case the initial plan fails. You will have no worries if the band fails to show up.Event planners know who to contact and how to solve a situation quickly and smartly. You cannot afford stress when preparing for a celebration; just let your event planner take care of everything and keep the event on track.

5. They are knowledgeable:

Event planners have immense knowledge gained from the experience of years of organizing events. Planners are up to date with the latest trends, budget-saving tips, best colors, new venues and other details that you may overlook. They know the entertainers, suppliers and power requirements for your event. They know where to find the best lighting, décor with contacts at their fingertips. Why search the web when an event organizer can handle every detail. Often it escapes any person’s realization that a party can pose some danger. Weather, large groups of people and equipment can break a celebration if not adequately considered. Event planners are aware of these threats and will evaluate your events for risks and develop a quality safety plan.

You do not want to build up stress only to find relief once your event is successful. You need to have peace and excitement that reaches peaks during your event. Planning an event is like a full-time job if you go it alone. Without an event planner, you may end up ragged and not enjoy your event. Hire a professional to save on cost and time and have a successful and epic event.

Tips for Hiring the Best Event Planner

When you are planning an event it’s important to find the right person to coordinate the whole affair, but if you have never hired an event planner before it can be tricky to know what to look for. There are often a number of professional event planners offering their services in any local area, but how do you know which candidate is the most reliable and competent person for the job? Here are a few tips to help you out:

Bride With Wedding Planner In Marquee

Identify your needs:

Sit down with a piece of paper and a pen and write down everything you know about your event. What is the occasion? Approximately how many people will be invited? Will you be offering food? What sort of schedule will your event have? Is there a theme? Answering these questions and more will be helpful when you come to interview potential planners. Add information as you go.

Look at reviews:

Go to review websites and talk to locals about event planners they have used. If you know that an acquaintance used an event planner for a big anniversary party or a fundraiser ask them how the event went and what their experience with that particular event planner was like. Review websites are a great tool when choosing a candidate but it’s important not to rule a candidate out or definitively select someone based on a review, just bear the review in mind when evaluating candidates.

Talk to potential event planners:

Once you have worked out which event planners it will be useful to contact, get in touch and arrange a time for a face to face conversation. Prepare a list of questions based on your requirements and make sure you take note of their answers. If you get a quote for the event in this initial meeting make sure you get it in writing if you are going to be relying on that quote as a price gauge. You will need someone who is confident, organised and able to listen to requests, following through on them quickly and efficiently.


Work out a budget with your potential event planners, don’t wait until you have signed anything to get a quote, fixed price or price per head. Finding out exactly what sort of financial commitment you will be expected to make as soon as possible will reduce your susceptibility to bill shock after the event. Budgets have a habit of blowing out and so it’s important to bear that in mind when setting limits.

Have a backup plan:

No matter how well you have chosen your event planner things can go wrong. If your event planner becomes ill, injured or turns out to be unreliable you need to be prepared to find another event planner to replace them. Ensure that you do not burn any bridges with other event planners you interview so that you have a viable backup candidate if the worst should happen.

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